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Vande Mataram and Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind

The recent controversy over the fatwa on Vande Mataram has brought into focus Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind. The body endorsed the fatwa given by Darul Uloom on Vande Mataram in its session in Deoband. The fatwa said that Muslims should not sing Vande Mataram as it violates their faith. I do not know what prompted the Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind to come up with the resolution.

This has started a debate with some parties and leaders opposing the Jamiat's view. Jamiat's stand has been termed as unpatriotic and anti-national. However, the endorsement of the fatwa has nothing to do with love towards the nation. It is purely on religious grounds that the body is opposing the rendition of the national song. The founding fathers of the Jamiat were champions of freedom struggle and strove to drive the British out of the country.

While going through some papers at the British Library, I came across a report prepared by the CID on a meeting led by Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani. The report had the abstract of a speech delivered by Maulana Madani at the 'Juma Masjid, Moradabad' on 27th February, 1931. I reproduce below the abstract in its entirety as recorded by the British police officers. It was attended by 1000 people.

The abstract says: "Naushey Khan captain of the volunteers of the Jamiat read a poem called 'Shikwe Iqbal' after the Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani delivered a speech of which an abstract is given below

If a man claims to be faithful his claim is not accepted unless and until he produces evidence. No colonel or soldier is believe to be loyal unless for his King’s service he throws his life into danger. If you want that the government should do you honour then you will have to sacrifice your religion, nation, country and self respect. Then and only then you will get high sounding titles and chairs.

In the great war some people of Moradabad helped the government with no less than 11,000 recruits to fight against the Turks thus when you had sold your religion and had proved yourselves to be called 'todis' then the government rewarded you with honours. So if you want to get honour in the nation and country you should sacrifice for your people and country and then you get honours. You cannot get respect among your people be merely becoming a leader unless you make some sacrifice. You cannot be accepted unless you make some sacrifice.

You cannot be accepted as a leader by becoming a mere graduate unless you serve your religion and people by doing sacrifice. The foreign people permitted the body of Maulana Mohammed Ali to be buried in Palestine on account of his sacrifices. Every honour has to undergo an examinaton. The Prophets had to pass this examination. It is the tradition of our Prophet (peace be upon him) that we should lead a crusade against the enemies of Islam by our life, property and tongues.

The thing which will injure prestige of the enemy of Islam destroy his power or do some damage to him is called crusade. Wearing a khaddar cap makes the enemies heart to tremble and the weavers of Liverpool have to suffer a great loss of no less than 33 and half crores of Rs in 1930. By whichever means you break the enemies power it is crusade. You should do economic fight against the government which has destroyed your rule form the whole world. The Christians have occupied no less than 75 lakh square miles of the Muslim land. The policy of the present government has annihilated civilisations, cultures and humanity.

The Englishmen even confess that they have destroyed the Indian sciences and the old treasures of Indian science have been thrown in the back ground and are being forgotten as the time passes. As in the olden days the powerful and influential men were made lazy and useless by administering opium juice to them so our government has made us Indians quite useless. You should at least boycott English goods.

The Muslims have suffered at the hands of the government much more than the Hindus. They are destroying our religious law. The Hindus are fighting for freedom and we should help them in their efforts as it is our religious duty. The Muslims had joined the round table conference with their points but the British Prime Minister has not acceeded to any of them. Saying that you should settle your point with the Hindus. By purchasing English cloth you are helping the enemies of Islam and your money is going out of India.

Portugal, Spain, Herzegovina, Bosinia, Bulgaria and Greece were all under the Muslim rules, These christian wolves uniting together have spoiled the Muslims of them and by treacheries and cruleties have killed and destroyed the Muslims. The most powerful and rich of our enemies is Britain. In face if all this you say that the English are your friends. India is as great as a continent. It was under your rule form one end to another- and your Kalma La Ilaha Illallaah was honoured through the lenght and breadth of India. The law of this land was not penal code but the fiats of Alamgir. Who has destroyed our rule and empire? Have the Hindus done this? No it has been destroyed by the European world.

In this very India no less than 400 colleges in (Thath inly) of various sciences as stated by Alexander Kaiten. God knows how many thousands of colleges will be at Delhi the capital of India. It is praised that the British government has spread education in India. There are only 700 colleges throughout the country. While in Muslim period there were 400 colleges in a single city only.

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